Collaboration Agreement

Collaboration Agreement

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Dear Retail Partner,

Arquer 1910 & Enric Torres barcelona,

As many of you know, both companies are based in Barcelona, Spain.

Both leaders in Art Nouveau, with four generations of reputable jewelers, and an extensive line of fine enameled jewelry.

The Arquer family, represented by Pere Arquer of Arquer Joiers 1910 (former President and Founder of Nouveau 1910)

And the Torres family represented by Enric Torres, of Enric Torres Barcelona, have decided to join efforts, as two separate companies working together, to be able to offer you the best product and service possible.

We appreciate your commitment to us and will strive to continue to offer you the best through our designs and jewelry creations.

 You can contact our office in
Los Angeles, California

(310) 442-6642

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